Summer Car Care Tips From ECP Incorporated Makes Detailing Jobs A Breeze

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While winter is typically (and rightly, in our opinion) associated with conditions that can wreck a car’s exterior, summer’s not always a walk in the park. That’s because a whole host of season-specific risks and pitfalls are introduced when the weather’s nice. In this article, ECP Incorporated will explore a number of those issues so those with a love for all things automotive can look after their vehicle and make sure it has a fighting chance again environmental threats.


Parts of a whole: Shopping for detailing washes, waxes and soaps based off of the price tag is not the way to go about this job. There are plenty of reasons why bottom-shelf polishes are located there – none of which are going to make your car, truck or motorcycle shine in the sun. When shopping for polish or other ceramic detailing sprays, look for the fine print. These products are designed to offer an awe-inspiring finish and this is accomplished through ingredients that budget offerings won’t include. Finely-milled polishing agents or bonding chemicals only make up a portion of the overall product, but the results would be sub-par without them. Automotive dealers who perform detailing tasks should thus partner with manufacturers of such products so their work is known for being reputable.


Pressure’s on: Pressure washers take advantage of gas or electric-powered air compressors to blast water at hundreds to thousands of pounds per square inch. This method of cleaning is very effective at removing road grime and dirt that has proved difficult to clean off otherwise. As many benefits as this offers when it comes to aesthetics, users need to be careful of where they aim a pressure washer. The stream of water can easily damage exposed hoses and electrical components, which can easily turn a summer Sunday afternoon clean-up project into an extensive mechanical overhaul.


Perfection: A small scratch or imperfection in the top coat of a vehicle’s paint job is unfortunately easy to inflict. For the perfectionist who wants to fix this as soon as possible, ECP Incorporated offers a line of aerosol paints that can touch up certain parts of the vehicle. The “gloss black” from the company’s “Technician’s Choice” line of products boasts fast drying after application and resistance to ultraviolet rays. The only word of caution that detailers — or those doing this job in the driveway — should be aware of is being cognizant of surroundings. Wind, falling leaves and insects can all ruin the paint if they come in contact with it before it has dried. Pick a day to do small touch-up jobs when outside conditions are favorable.

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