ECP Inc Reviews Show Polishes, Coatings An Additional Tier In Vehicle’s Defense System

ecp inc reviews

While consumers typically pick the color of their car, truck, SUV, motorcycle or RV based off of personal preference, there’s an entirely unseen system of coatings underneath that are designed to extend the life of the vehicle. Overall, these coats – which are rarely more than 1 millimeter thick – combine to offer unparalleled protection of the metal body from rust, corrosion, scratches and deep cuts. Given that rust can claim the life of a vehicle once it takes hold, it’s important to keep these layers of defense looking good and performing well. Otherwise, you could find yourself burdened with the purchase of a new car due to simple neglect and realizing how reading up on ECP Inc reviews could have helped you out in the long run. In this article, we’ll explore the different layers of automotive paint and the types of products that dealers can use to keep things looking as they should.


Clear coat is typically the top layer and provides a glossy finish but also efficiently defends against UV rays. It’s in this top layer that rust will typically take hold. The base coat is underneath the clear coat and it’s where the actual color of your vehicle  can be found. In today’s mechanized manufacturing process, this layer is applied and dried in mere hours. Beneath the base coat is the primer, which smooths out the surface of the metal body and offers a uniform appearance once the colored paint is applied. Primer further offers protection similar to the clear coat, fighting back against corrosion and UV rays.


With this network of paint layers working in tandem, vehicle owners can rest assured that their new or gently-used purchase is going to do just fine against sunlight, snow and rain. However, time takes its toll on all of us and there comes a time to check out ECP Inc reviews to see what types of protective coatings are available to serve as another tier in the line of defense. For example, the TEC20 Premium Paste Wax that is available to dealerships that choose to work with ECP Incorporated is a carnauba wax designed to offer a long-lasting shine. The TEC25 Anti-Static Cleaner similarly polishes paint, rubber and plastic while removing fingerprints. As ECP Inc reviews will show, the TEC590 Ultra Finish is great for  boosting gloss and color depth. For automobile dealers across the globe, ECP Incorporated is able to offer more than four decades of industry-specific experience as you seek to improve and extend the lifespan and appearance of vehicles you’ll be selling to consumers.

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